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Voip Exchange.

Business-grade and future-proof telephony.

Future-proof telephony without the frills.

The increasing popularity of cloud services and the 2025 Switch Off have created the perfect opportunity for businesses to evolve their communication through Unified Communications technology.

UC describes platforms designed to combine all the various contact methods together, alongside your calls. This enables staff to communicate effectively from anywhere, in the cloud for optimised costs, more flexibility and better interactions.

Phone calls may be going out of fashion, but no matter the method customers choose, having them all in one seamless system means less time wasted, more informed staff and a seamless experience for all.

Voip Exchange.

With the move to hybrid working, businesses must ensure staff are reachable no matter where they are. Voip Exchange does that and then some, with a business-grade voice service that also provides rich reporting, call recording as standard, and simple online management.

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Why choose Voip Exchange?


Voip Exchange runs your calls through an internet connection, guaranteeing future-proof business telephony.


Whether fully remote or hybrid, your team can make and take calls from anywhere they have internet access.


Live stats, rich reporting and customisations, all within our web portal, makes call management super simple.

Solid solutions built to succeed.

The best voice quality available

Our privately owned, Tier-1 voice network means we can deliver better audio quality than our competitors.

Online management portal

A powerful-yet-simple web interface allowing for full control over your caller experience.

Low cost per seat

You can keep staff in touch without breaking the budget.

Competitive IP calling tariffs

Communication shouldn’t cost the Earth, so our landline calls start from just 1p and mobiles from 5p.

Live advanced statistics

Leverage comprehensive live call statistics to make better informed business decisions and find efficiencies.

Call recording

Keep on top of employee performance, adhere to regulation and know exactly what was said at no extra cost.

Your success is our success.

Delivering business-grade connectivity solutions that ‘just work’ isn’t easy, but we make it look simple.
We’re known in the industry for solving issues others won’t even take on, which is why we get feedback like:

Be unique. Be loyal. Be reliable.

Those three mantras guide everything we do at Voip Unlimited.


Communication is the lifeblood of any business, so we’ve optimised our network, reducing packet loss and latency while prioritising call traffic to deliver the best voice quality and reliability around.


Thousands of happy customers prove how loyal and dedicated we are. Expect honesty, transparency and loyalty in every interaction, so you can better trust the recommendations we make.


By owning our own private, Tier-1 network, we have more control over performance, keeping one eye on reliability so we meet our business-grade SLAs. And 24/7 support is always there if need-be.

So, what are you waiting for?

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