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Coronavirus: Working from home

Coronavirus work from home

How to avoid grinding to a halt in a potential Coronavirus lockdown?

With more and more businesses sending employees to work from home, it’s the largest remote working exercise to date. But the economy and businesses globally cannot simply grind to a halt. Here’s how to keep your business going:

Cut the cord on your telephony.

Customer service is the holy grail for your reputation, voice calls with instant responses are still the preferred method of communication. From just £8.50, your phone system can be diverted to Voip Exchange and operational from anywhere, in no time.

Calls & internal communication can keep flowing no matter where your staff are located. If your employees need to work from home, we’ve got you covered. Web browser phone, mobile app, conference calls all available to use from home, the next working day, with Voip Exchange. No suspension of operations, no grumpy customers, no poorly staff, no dip in turnover or reputation.

Consider incorporating Telephony into an existing cloud environment.

If you are already a user of Microsoft Teams (or become a user), you can upgrade your licences to include the functionality of a phone system, this is done via Direct Routing with Voip Unlimited. Utilising the MS Teams softphone, customer service is upheld and by coming to Voip Unlimited we can manage your number porting and call handling to achieve everything your old phone system did and more. Unlike the Microsoft calling plan we can actually also save you money and open up more opportunities too. Have the full package with Teams Trunks for voice calls by Voip Unlimited.

Cloud Collaboration tools.

If you cannot take your internal CRM/file server to be accessed externally, look into investing in a cloud collaboration environment. Therefore, if employees cannot access their desktop applications and files, your business is not completely operating as well outside the office as it does inside, and it should! Once again, we can also help you with this! In case you need quick access to additional hardware/software, we can provide or have local trusted providers within our extensive partner base who can supply this as well.

Contingency at minimal cost. Nothing to lose.

If you require Voip Exchange solely as a short-term contingency solution, you can give the handsets back and end the service after 12 months. At £8.50 per month per user it is minimal cost to keep your business operational, even if temporarily.

Well done, you have sought a continuity plan. We are here to keep you in the mix. Set up your virtual office today and give us a call, on 01202612000 or email enquiries@voipexchange.co.uk

Still not sure?

But it’s probably going to be OK in a couple of weeks, why bother making changes?

Why not put into action some of the above even if your luck should run out with some of the other business continuity challenges. Robbery, flooding, fire, anything can happen, it’s best to be prepared, and have no limitations to your operations, sceptic or not.

I’ve no idea where to start, who can put the pieces of the puzzle together?

Want to speak to someone who ‘just knows the whole solution’ ? Try us! We are absolute specialists in what we provide and only have local absolute specialists within our Channel Partner Network for all other Business IT areas. Chat to us today about your business continuity plan for a coronavirus external working plan. We promise, we can help.

Surely my staff can just respond to clients via email and web orders, we can just forward calls to a mobile until this all clears up?

Out of office customer service or responses via email, are no longer good enough. Anyone would rather get an immediate response over the phone rather than waiting for a written reply. If it’s possible to keep your clients happy, why not?

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