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Why bring SIP into your comms offering?

As the ISDN retirement begins, it will be essential that businesses find suppliers that can bridge the gap between SIP and ISDN. As operations catch up with the digital world, there will be complexities in migrating decades-old telephony systems to modern SIP solutions.

Therefore, partnering with a vendor that specialises in voice services will provide you and your customers with the most cost-effective SIP solution and experience, able to handle the ultimate transition to SIP from ISDN, making your everyday life easier.

But what does that mean for the end-user? A properly designed and deployed SIP solution can ensure cost-efficiency, security and resiliency. Here’s how:

SIP Security

As the line between voice and data services blurs even further, protecting your data connectivity becomes even more of a priority. Once your phone system is within the IP world, it’s connected to the public internet, just like any other device!

This makes fraud and malicious activity a prevalent problem in the VoIP industry as phone systems are now targetable and reachable from the outside world. Attackers will attempt to breach the system and exploit the phone applications to make money, potentially making thousands of calls to their own premium rate number without the victim being aware.

With over a decade of experience and a highly knowledgeable team, Voip Unlimited not only employs detailed monitoring of call behaviours and anti-fraud systems but also has secure connectivity solutions for this problem. Our Secure Broadband product will ensure the only connections to your phone system are incoming and outgoing calls from our SIP services, and you can also whitelist any other IPs you wish for management.

Worried about the porting process for large customers?


SIP reduces cost

Even without mentioning the general cost benefits of IP telephony – lower domestic call costs, free internal calling and dramatically cheaper international calling – Voip Unlimited’s SIP Unlimited solution save our dealers (and end-users) even more by providing unlimited channels for one of your sites, no matter how many numbers they have!

The added flexibility that SIP provides can also help you and your customers save even more in the long term by providing the ability for customers to take their lines with them wherever they go. And, with less on-site hardware, solutions are cheaper to deploy – lower upfront costs, less energy and calling costs, as well as being easier to manage.

Combined with industry-leading SLAs and 24/7 support, VoIP Unlimited’s partners are supported at every step of the way. Our dedicated team of account managers with decades of experience in the industry can assist you with solution design, deployment, and managing customer aftercare alongside our technical support team.

We pride ourselves on our technical expertise and will ensure that you and your customers have the right solutions and can assist in designing bespoke solutions that are challenging to provide efficiently.

Are your customers growing into international markets?


Guaranteeing Resilient Telephony

Dependant on the needs of the end-user, they may only require one data circuit with a failover (just in case) or prefer a fully-fledged dual-redundant solution to guarantee 100% availability. Here, offering choice and flexibility is critical to ensure customers are satisfied with the increased cost of adding resiliency. Obviously, educating end-users on the risk and benefits overcomes some of the push-backs. Still, budgets can be limiting for many end-users, and robust cybersecurity seems out of reach.

That’s why we work with our dealers to factor in resiliency considerations on a case-by-case basis. Our team can discuss the pros and cons of each of our SIP services to make sure all parties are happy with the recommended system before deployment.

Should any issues occur, our in-house team monitor the network 24/7 to ensure any issues are resolved as soon as possible behind the scenes; in most cases, the end-user won’t even realise their services have been switched to the failover until they are contacted by our support team.

“Their reliable technology and the one to one expert engagement we receive, has made them an extension of our trusted team. We would recommend their service in a heartbeat.”
– Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One Team

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Partner with Voip Unlimited today!

Beyond the world of SIP, our privately owned IP network offers many other services to fully support the transition to IP, but our expertise is undoubtedly voice – after all that’s our name! As our dealers and resellers build and grow their customer relationships, we provide opportunities for other value-add solutions and products to further support their customer base.

Every year Voip Unlimited receives thousands of SIP orders, and using that experience, we can actively advise you on what quantifies as the ‘best’ voice solution for your customers, with the optimum deployment ratings and most competitive overall costs for their needs.

So, if you need a voice partner that truly has your back in every scenario, we can help. With us as your partner you can develop more engaging voice propositions and help better secure your customers’ information, book a call with our expert team today!

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