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10 ways VoIP telephony can help overcome COVID hurdles right now  

As we tentatively peek out from the curtain of the pandemic, we see a different world than was there in 2020.

Whilst many businesses could be considered being back to ‘normal’, norms have changed significantly over the past two years. Normal is now, for many, hybrid working. Normal is assuming that things could change at any moment – the threat of another lockdown never seems that far away. Normal is applying for a new job with the understanding that hybrid working is a given.

Accepting new ways of working is one thing – making sure systems and processes are in place to cope is another.

Whilst muddling by was, in many cases, the only way 18 months ago, it’s an inefficient and potentially costly way of working. Finding long term alternatives that cater for hybrid working and changing circumstances is vital for businesses that want to thrive.

If your organisation is reliant upon its old office-based telephone system, with remote workers using home phones and mobiles, you’re risking high costs, bad customer service and stagnant growth.

By adopting a VoIP telephone system you’ll enable staff to work anywhere in the world, at any time they like, in the way that they like. Plus, you’ll still be able monitor productivity and make cost savings. And, most importantly, you’ll be keeping your customers happy.

Look at our 10 ways in which VoIP will ensure your business can overcome covid challenges this winter. Is your business prepared?

  1. VoIP adapts for sudden changes in circumstances, whether in lockdown / not in lockdown / working away / working from home / working in the office… All you need is an internet/data connection.
  2. VoIP lets you scale at speed. As market conditions change businesses need to be agile. VoIP telephone systems allow additional users to be added quickly and easily.
  3. VoIP changes are instantaneous – because you’re only relying on an internet connection rather than physical infrastructure and telephone engineers, make changes as you need them using your straightforward online portal.
  4. VoIP caters for those that choose to follow the hybrid working model long term (research suggests that almost half of all Brits would prefer a hybrid set-up).
  5. VoIP allows you to be a more attractive employer. Offering hybrid working, with all the relevant home-based technology, will endear you to prospective employees, many of whom now expect hybrid working as an option.
  6. VoIP enables straightforward and secure conference calls wherever your team members are working.
  7. VoIP provides vital call reporting. Online access to comprehensive call statistics highlights call handling efficiencies; monitor productivity, call patterns and caller behaviour enabling you to make informed business decisions.
  8. VoIP keeps customers happy. Answering calls, diverting calls and adding relevant voice messages is straightforward from any location with an internet connection. Ensure your customers are always answered and receive all the information that they need with ease.
  9. VoIP Instant Messaging adds vital functionality – the built-in tool allows you to send messages, photos, files and contacts internally via your user portal.
  10. VoIP works on the device you need it to; working on a laptop – turn it into your desk phone; using your mobile – it will operate as a desk phone. VoIP keeps staff happy. They can carry out communications with ease and will enjoy the benefits that remote working brings to their work/life balance.
Is it time for your business to embrace the benefits of VoIP?

Make sure you’re prepared for Covid hurdles.

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