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Ethernet Leased Lines.

Private connections with the highest speeds
and resiliency for guaranteed uptime.

Seamless. Superfast. Simple.

Ethernet is ideal for businesses that need a reliable connection that can grow with the business, and we’ve got four different resiliency options to make sure that happens! It’s also a great way to separate your voice traffic from data, or as a backup connection if your primary connection fails.

Ethernet Leased Lines.

Flexible working, managing a multi-site network, and guaranteeing uptime are all headaches that paracetamol just can’t solve… But we can. We’ll make sure your Ethernet connections help your business grow without limits!

Need a low-bandwidth connection for voice services? A truly resilient, or secure, high-speed multi-site network connection? 
Ethernet works in all these scenarios, and many more, thanks to its scalable speeds and resiliency options.

Why choose Ethernet?

Highly flexible, scalable connection for a variety of use cases.

Speeds from 20Mbps all the way to 10Gbps for even the largest of sites.

Industry-leading SLAs and 24/7 support so you’re always online.

Solid solutions built to succeed.

Want your connection to stay online 24/7? We’ve got a range of resiliency options that guarantee uptime.

Ethernet with Broadband backup

Supported by a low-bandwidth backup to keep operations going, without breaking the budget.

Dual Ethernet

Two lines from separate exchanges into your premises ensure exchange faults don’t break your connection.


Two separate, diverse circuits joining the same NTE to ensure a vendor outage doesn’t derail your operation.


Two fully active connections, with their own routes and NTEs, for the most resilient connection possible.

Your success is our success.

Delivering business-grade connectivity solutions that ‘just work’ isn’t easy, but we make it look simple.
We’re known in the industry for solving issues others won’t even take on, which is why we get feedback like:

Be unique. Be loyal. Be reliable.

Those three mantras guide everything we do at Voip Unlimited.


Communication is the lifeblood of any business, so we’ve optimised our network, reducing packet loss and latency while prioritising call traffic to deliver the best voice quality and reliability around.


Thousands of happy customers prove how loyal and dedicated we are. Expect honesty, transparency and loyalty in every interaction, so you can better trust the recommendations we make.


By owning our own private, Tier-1 network, we have more control over performance, keeping one eye on reliability so we meet our business-grade SLAs. And 24/7 support is always there if need-be.

So, what are you waiting for?

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