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One simple UC platform for all your
modes of communication.

One UC licence to rule them all.

The increasing popularity of cloud services and the 2025 Switch Off have created the perfect opportunity for businesses to evolve their communication through Unified Communications technology.

UC describes platforms designed to combine all the various contact methods together, alongside your calls. This enables staff to communicate effectively from anywhere, for optimised costs, more flexibility and better interactions.

Phone calls may be going out of fashion, but no matter the method customers choose – phone, video, instant messaging – having them all in one seamless system means less time wasted, more informed staff and a seamless experience for all.


Designed from the ground-up, Voxone is our answer to every business communication challenge. It comes with a wide range of features – many of which other providers charge extra for – at no extra cost.

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Why choose Voxone?


With a simple user interface to access all information, Voxone creates a great work experience for your team.


Pick and mix the features you want and none you don’t, to develop the most efficient caller workflow possible.


Enable staff to simply stay in touch with customers on any device, however the customer prefers to interact.

Efficient call distribution

Flexible pricing and contract

Self-service admin portal

Solid solutions built to succeed.

The best voice quality available

Our privately owned, Tier-1 voice network means we can deliver better audio quality than our competitors.

Multiple methods of communication

Enable conference calls, voice, video, instant messaging, group, public and private chat, all in one platform.

Integrate to your heart’s content

Connect all your systems and streamline your workflows with all the popular cloud platforms.

Live advanced statistics

Leverage comprehensive live call statistics to make better informed business decisions and find efficiencies.

One licence to rule them all

We don’t tier access to essential features. Every Voxone licence includes all-platform access.

Smart scheduling

Open and close PBXs with a click, or by time, and simply log staff in and out of queues as demand changes.

Your success is our success.

Delivering business-grade connectivity solutions that ‘just work’ isn’t easy, but we make it look simple.
We’re known in the industry for solving issues others won’t even take on, which is why we get feedback like:

Be unique. Be loyal. Be reliable.

Those three mantras guide everything we do at Voip Unlimited.


Communication is the lifeblood of any business, so we’ve optimised our network, reducing packet loss and latency while prioritising call traffic to deliver the best voice quality and reliability around.


Thousands of happy customers prove how loyal and dedicated we are. Expect honesty, transparency and loyalty in every interaction, so you can better trust the recommendations we make.


By owning our own private, Tier-1 network, we have more control over performance, keeping one eye on reliability so we meet our business-grade SLAs. And 24/7 support is always there if need-be.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Communication is the lifeblood of any business, and when you can’t stay in touch, you lose sales. We make it simple for you and your team, using the most advanced technology to remove challenges to your business growth.

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